I recently bought a new Dell desktop with Vista and I'm having all kinds of annoying problems.

When I open Outlook (2003) I get an error that says Windows Disk not present and Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 and then paramaters something or other. I have to cancel through 4-5 of these before I can use outlook.

Vista is not remembering my passwords or settings changes to web services like google. I live in Italy and google keeps coming up in Italian, I change the setting for it to display in english. I get the msg that the changes to settings have been accepted and then the next time I go in it's back in Italian

It's not saving my passwords in Gmail and I get asked to sign in again every time, even though i have that application on my toolbar that supposed to open it right up. My security settings in Explorer are medium to low.

Any suggestions on any of these would be appreciated. finding Vista very annoying.


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Close all windows. Put your Outlook or Office CD back in the CD/DVD drive and open outlook.

This should fix the problem.

If not, uninstall Outlook or office and reinstall it. Leave the CD in untill outlook opens properly.

The system not saving settings could be related to any antivirus/anti-spam software/firewall program. They could be protecting the registry from any changes.

Boot to safe mode and try to save settings there, if it works then its the AV, anti-spam software or Firewall.

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