I have tried (2) dell m90 and (1) dell m6300 laptops at home.

As soon as I ask the laptop to connect it shuts down my wireless network; It shows the network is available - I ask it to connect - it then shows the wireless network as running but unavailable. In addition any other pcs running off the wireless connection will fail.

I have 2 wired pcs and one wireless running from the single router. All work fine until I attempt to use the laptop.

I'm running a linksys G wireless network without firewalls or secure log-ins. (There isn't anyone close enough to piggyback onto my signal.) I am using it strictly for internet access. Hard drives are not visible through this connection..

This router is connected to a Cisco modem.

All 3 laptops will connect to other wireless nets. All have factory installed wireless cards/chips.

Calls to my internet provider have been fruitless.

(Until I solve this issue I am forced to commute 3 hours a day.)

Any ideas?

(So far no one has even heard of this phenomenon.)

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Sounds like a virus or spyware on the laptop. Have you checked for both recently ?

Also have you tried connecting laptop to router with a cable ? Do you get same results ?

If laptop is a company laptop has it been set up in some special way by your IT department ?


Logic suggests that this is a problem with the network, not the three different laptops that work fine on other networks.
Run your router setup again from scratch, including the wireless setup.
I understand what you're saying about security, but it's quite risky to run without firewall or wireless security, especially when it's so easy to configure. It's not inconceivable that this may have caused your problem.

I had a similar problem. I have one new Dell laptop that our family got for christmas that would kill the wireless network as soon as you turned on its wireless.

I found that uninstalling the dell wireless card software and just using the normal xp connection manager seemed to fix the problem.

Hopefully this helps.


Thanks for the input.

The current laptop will connect to the internet if it's directly connected to the hub and I disable connection proxys.

The laptop is brand new and has no viruses, yet.

I have reconfigured the hub to no avail.

I will try Josh's suggestion and uninstall the dell wireless card.

I have found other people with this similar problem since posting this here. All of their solutions have either not been applicable or have not made a difference.

Again, thanks for the help.


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