hey there. First off here are my specs.

mobo - ABIT IS7-g with a P4 2.6
Brand new 500w power supply
512 Mb of no name ram ( could be the problem )
Geforce 4 mx420 agp ( could be the problem ha )
hmm dunno what else to tell you

alright well first off... one weird thing is.. when u first turn on the computer it almost seems like it has trouble posting. Sometimes it will start... no beep and turn off. So i turn it back on.. some times it posts sometimes it dies.. this can go on 3,4,5 times before it posts... after it posts its fine. Another problem is i get random crashes all the freaking time.. im pretty sure its not video becuase its given me no indication that it is. But it seems to be when ever it tries to play sounds.. not certin sounds.. but just sounds.. I contacted creative because when it crashed a few times it would say emu10k1m.sys was causeing the error, and thats a sound driver.. the woman said well just update ur sound drivers.. well i did.. and suprise didnt work. Now when it restarts the error just says " driver related ". Ive checked my event log to see if i can gain any information from that and there are a few things i noticed such as i looked for repeated errors and i kept getting an IPSEC error. I figured that was not the problem and to look elsewhere. The only things i havnt done just becase im a lazy bum is update the bios beucase the bios i had was relitivly new and didnt think that would help.. i havnt reset the cmos or tried new memory. If u think that may help then ill look into it. Well any suggests would help. thanks alot

What OS are you running? Is it a sound card or is the sound on board? I know I had a ton of problems with crashing when I was trying to use the onboard sound card on my computer (with XP). I went out and bought a cheapo sound card and it stopped crashing immediately.

The not posting thing sounds like a serious power issue. Have you checked your power cords? Is there any chance you've got a screw or something loose under the motherboard that's shorting something out? Or, you might try rechecking all your hardware connections and making sure everything is well seated.

Good Luck

hey there. First off here are my specs.


right now its a card.. i have onboard .. which worked great other than the mic input.. with any mic i would get a horrible noise aka lots of static.. so i switched to the card..

The power problem.. with my first power supply my 3.3 voltage was low therefor i had to change power supplies.. do u think that could have cause long term damage?

DId you disable the onboard sound in your BIOS before installing the sound card? (Looks like you have an SB Live! or an Audigy, judging by the em10k driver)

You must disable the onboard sound in your bios to keep the two from interfering with each other, (could be your problem right there!).

Good luck!

hah yea i did..

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