Hi there,

I have been speaking to Serunson and he said If I had any pc problems his great pals at Daniweb would help me out

My main problem is that im using IE7 and I cannot view pictires on this web site http://www.bf2stats.nl/player/97465735/

This is the only site that I cannot see the picture so far.

I did have this problem before on a slower pc, but I got round it I think by the 'reset ie settings' but I have tried that many times on this pc.

on the old pc I even tried firefox b4 I used the reset tab, was the same using that :s but when I got it running on IE7 it was working fine on firefix :icon_eek:

Im using Norton 2003 av & firewall, all set low/medium, same on ie properties...in advanced multimidia all boxes checked apart from 'show image placeholder downloaders'

Any ideas???


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Hi Spawner :)

Right what you could try is adding bf2stats.nl to the trusted websites area of IE7. This is done by the following:
Click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Then Click on Trusted Websites, and add http://www.bf2stats.nl to that list of trusted sites.
This might work.


Your ISP may be blocking that site as a security risk.

Note that many businesses and schools routinely block such sites as a waste of computer time.

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