I have everything working but sound, after formatting. I downloaded the Audio Realtek driver from Intel's download center, but that didn't help.

Hopefully this pic helps:


Thanks for any help.

Actually I don't know what I have. I just downloaded that because Everest said I had an Intel audio device.

if you are using everest clcik on the computer (2nd item in list) then click on summary, you should get a list of all hardware and web links for udating or dowloading drivers

the image shows you are using intel high def sound/audio ,you need to go to the maker of the computers website for drivers ,search you model number

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i searched: intel 82801fb ich6 - high definition audio controller driver [b-1] driver

and many variations.

i found nothing.

the weblink from everest for the driver brought a "page not found"

anything i can do?

if this is onboard meaning made into the Mother board go the moboard web site and get drivers.

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my motherboard is intel. i tried searching at intel.

holy shit it's working. thank you. thank you. reputation points for all.