I'll be soon upgrading my computer; new motherboard, case, processor and RAM. I'm running Win2000Pro.

What are the caveats in doing this. It seems on the outside, a simple matter of blanket copying all on the "C" drive to the new drive. I've been told maybe WinImage would be the route to go. Any thoughts on this for me :o ? I'm not looking to re-install everything to the new drive, plus reloading any data that habitates there.


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I thank you for the input. I too feel that starting fresh is always the desirable approach to this, and will probably go that direction. I've done this type thing so many times I thought someone might come up with a not so time consuming process.. :cheesy: getting a bit lazy I guess. Pop! Snap out of it BuddyB and do what you need to do. However, I've bookmarked the site you suggested for reading, if for no other reason but education.
Thanks again, BuddyB

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