Hello: I am new to this Forum. I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with.

My printer software have been downloaded into my computer, but I cannot print anything. I get the message that the drivers or plug in (something like that) is not functioning. I have tried everything I could.

I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

GPaul Scott

Hi GPaul,

Try re-installing your software drivers first and see if that works, if not reply back and we can eliminate a problem one at a time until we get it working for you:)

Thanks you Richie for responding so quickly. I already tried reinstalling the software drivers with the disc. It did not do any good. What can I do next?


Hi Scott,

Try these steps:

(1)Open control Panel
(2)Open printers and faxes
(3)Make sure that the printer you are trying to use is set to the default printer, if it is, it should have a tick marked next to it, if it hasn't then right-click on the printer then in the popup menu click set as default printer. Let me know how this goes. P.S sorry for taking so long to get back, I had a system crash.

Can you please also tell me what brand of printer are you trying to install the software for, and have you tried to see if you can get an updated version of the drivers from the suppliers site?, this could also solve your problem by updating the drivers:)