I can't seem to go into Windows normally...whenever I turn it on, it goes to the Windows Loading screen, and instead of going to my desktop, the computer restarts!

The weird thing is, usually, when my computer restarts, there is a beep, and on the Bios, it shows the information of my processor (Intel 2.60, etc), but now when it restarts, it neither beeps nor shows me the information from my processor.

The other weird thing is, I am able to access it perfectly fine thru SAFE MODE (this is hwo I'm posting this right now).

Anybody know what's wrong? Thanks in advance

I'm running a Windows XP Professional with Intel 2.6GhZ HT.

This sounds similar to my problem (that i posted about).

Does it quickly goto the blue screen of death before rebooting?

That's the weird thing, no blue screen of death, nothing. The loading Windows XP logo appears, and instead of going straight to the desktop, it resets.

Throw in an XP cd and use chkdsk at the recovery console on your XP installation..... Im gonna put a rapidshare up with Recovery Console. Just burn my recovery console to iso, pop it in. Then you will need to run chkdsk on your 1st XP installation (or the partition you use)

If you need my rapidshare recovery console iso just lemme know.