This problem has been plauging me for over a week. I have called my internet service provider and my computer "tech support" and they are clueless. I am now turning to you fine folks who I know for sure are going to help me!!

Here's the scoop:

We have a Dell Dimension 8300, 2.99 GHz Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive (using 29.8 GB of space), and running Windows XP Home Edition SP1.

Two weeks ago the Limited Users on our computer were unalbe to access the internet and are still unable to. After talking with my internet provider it was determined that there is nothing wrong with the connection. After talking with Dell, I threw the phone out the window and started trying to figure this out on my own.

Every user on the computer was able to use any web browser and messenger service. This was fine for almost 8 months, then one day, like I said it just stopped working.

We have no viruses. I ran Adaware and took care of some stuff. I ran SpyBot and took care of a few more things. I started up in Safe Mode and all the permissions are fine. I also did a System Restore back to when things were fine and no such luck, it just won't work. I tried creating new limited accounts and they also don't work.

When a Limited User logs in, the modem blinks 'send' 'receive' just like when I log in to my Admin account. After that, nothing happens for limited users

We use McAfee for our firewall and virus scanner.

I really hope that someone can help me! This is very aggrevating (I am almost losing sleep at night)! Thanks in advance!

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This might be a little extreme, but did you try reinstalling drivers? What type of modem is it? Broadband or Dial up?


Sorry!! thought about that after I posted!!

We are on cable internet. I was thinking of rolling back the driver. Do you think that would help?

If regular users can access the Internet, then it's not a driver problem. Try disabling Mcaffe's firewall temporarily and see if a limited user can get out then.

Nope, that was the first thing that I tried. I can disable it my Admin account or in the Limited account, and either way it doesn't work!!

Seems to be a group policy setting.

Now don't change any settings unless you are SURE. I have never had this problem so I have not done this myself. Just look to see if you can figure something out.

Click Start> Click Run> Type MMC

In the console window click

File> Add/Remove Snap in

Click Add

Choose Local Computer Policy> Click Add> Click close

Now on the left you'll see a [+] Local User Policy. Click the Plus
then you'll see [+] User Config. Click the Plus
then [+] Administrative Templates
then [+] Network
then Click on Network Connections

Now the right side you'll see lots of things that say
Prohibit access to LAN .. etc etc.. see if any of those are Enabled.
If they are enabled either change them to not configured or disabled.

Becareful to remember what you change. This shouldn't affect Administrator accounts though.. just limited users..

Good luck :)

When I type in MMC I get the following options:

.NET Framework 1.1 Configuration
Active X Controls
Component Services
Computer Management
Device Manager
Disk Fragmenter
Disk Management
Event Viewer
Indexing Service
IP Security Monitor
IP Security Policy Management
Link to Web Addresses
Local Users and Groups
Performance Logs and Alerts
Removable Storage Media
Shared Folders
WMI Control

So, I have no option for Local Computer Policy!!!!! Whats a girl to do ?!?!?



I meant..

group policy.

i'll edit my post and fix it.. sowwy

edit: nevermind.. it won't let me edit the first post :(

Click on Group Policy. and then click add.

YEah, well, I have no Group Policy Either!!!!!!!!



Maybe someone else has a solution for that.. If not.. see if Windows Installer can repair your windows installation?

Good one!!

I don't have Windows Installer so I went to microsoft and it says that 'Users of Windows XP already have Windows Installer 2.(something) installed, therefore there are no updates and no downloads.'

This is getting better and better!!!!

I mean boot your computer with your Windows XP CD. It will ask you if you want to repair your windows installation.

Now i'm not sure if it checks for missing stuff like what you're experiencing... but it tries to repair something without you losing your data.

Kind of like a reinstall with out removing everything.

okay, I wasn't sure (I am computer smart, but only to a degree, LOL)..... I will try that ASAP

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