Hi Friends,

I am vikas from india , i have just now joined the community and i am very happy to find all technical gurus in the community , i am pursuing engneering in electronics and communication (4 year cource).
i have some problem and i hope here i will get the solution of problem definitely.

i am using sony vaio laptop which came installed with a Fingerprint
sensor and pre-installed windows vista business.
basically, i am facing Decryption problem.
actually, i encrypted some of my files using fingerprint but i didnt
provided any backup password for decryption. so only swiping the
correct finger on fingerprint sensor could unlock or decrypt those files .but
it can not be unlocked using any password bcoz i didnt provide it at
the time of encryption .i just encrypted files using my fingerprint using biometric reader.
now what mistake i did actually ... i formatted and wiped out my HDD completely and i
reinstalled win vista business , and before formatting i forget to
decrypt those files. now ,all the fingerprint data , keys and certificates
are lost due to formatting and wiping HDD and i dont have backup of any keys or
and now i m unable to decrypt those files and a msg is displayed always
"unauthorised user" if i try to open the files.

actually, initially during encryption if i would have also provided a backup password with
fingerprint , then i would certainly have the ability
to decrypt the files in case of fingerprint data loss or
keys/certificates loss what have exactly happened due to formatting.
i have tried a software named as " Elomsoft Advanced EFS data
recovery " for decryption of files but it didnt solve any of my purpose and it
was not able to decrypt any file.

now can you please guide me , what should i do actually to
decrypt those files in win vista again . i greatly need your help . if
you can please let me know the steps to recover the files i would
greatly be hounoured by your help.

Thanks a lot

Unfortunately, the basis of a good encryption is that anyone who doesn't have the key can't open the file. In this case, the lock has forgotten which key is correct, which means it will assume that any key given is incorrect. It looks like you're out of luck.