Just a few notes on xp. Make sure xp is kept up to date. Run anti-virus and spy-ware programs. There are some killer free ones out there. Get rid of Norton's. Ive seen countless issues with that product!! Run a 3rd party utility. I suggest system mechanic 5 or fix it utilities. Fix it is better it has a one button wizard!! Clean your registry. (fix it utilities and system mechanic do it for you!). Service pack 2 for xp turns my puter to garbage. Don't need it I have my own firewall!! I can take care of my own security. Keep all 3rd party programs backed up!! Back up bookmarks at yahoo bookmarks. Free and keeps it on the net. Surf the word yahoo bookmarks. System mechanic as well as other utilities offer a 30 day free trial. System Mechanic rocks !! I use both fix it and mechanic have for years. Never crashed my puter!! Only registry cleaner I trust. Some registry cleaners will crash your puter!! Its happened to me. Last but not least. Always double check the solution to your problems. Us posters have been wrong. Posted wrong fix. Or just did not have enough right info!! Help in forums and pass along information. This is just my humble opinion.If all else fails reload xp!........peace.....im out

uhh.. wats rong with norton??

I too use Norton Virus scanner ,not the Norton internet security one i found many problems with all of them loaded but that was back a few years ,
I have tried the other free virus scanners mentioned ,they are good but i found Nortons better and will continue to install on my computer and computers i format and reload to sell or ones belonging to other Customers of mine !!
It can slow down a computer that doesn't meet the system requirements of Nortons.
Just my opinion!:)

The nortons is just my humble opinion nothing more. Just seems like that product has tons of issues. Personally I have seen it miss countless problems. Its an apples oranges thing. I like apples you like oranges I respect that...peace.....im out