I will apologize for any errors made as I have never been on this site before and am not very computer savvy. This is a previous thread that I found, but did not see a fix for it...

Okay so I've been getting A LOT of pos.tmp etc. files in my C: Drive and My Docs. I also have a Red X for the icon of my C Drive. I also have these "system messages":

System Warning:
Windows performed illegal operation. Your system files could have critical errors.
It could cause unpredictable or erratic behavior, freezes and crashes.
Fixing these errors can increase your computers's performance and prevent data your personal data loss.
Would you like to open System Troubleshooting center to fix the problem? (Recommended)

Your system could become unstable
A potential problem has been detected and Windows has been shutdown
buggy application to prevent damage to your computer.
****WXYZ.SYS - Address F73120AE base at C00000, DateStamp 36b072A3
Kernel Debugger Using: COM2 (Port 0x28f, Baud rate 192000)

SysFader: IEXPLORER.EXE - Potential Application Error
The instruction at "0x01d62739" referenced memory at "0x02354e50".
The memory could not be "read. Click OK to terminate.

Important - Potential Errors found in the system
During a scan of files at system startup,
potential errors in the system registry were found.
p-07-0100 irql: 1f SYSVER 0xff00024
NT_Kernel error 1256

I tried running a couple of antivirus programs. It will appear to take care of the issues, but asks to reboot. Once rebooted, the same above problems occurs. Please help a "not so computer savvy person" who just wants her home computer back!

Thanks in advance!

hello ,with the windows cd in the cdrom drive boot computer to the disk and go to repair console and do a R for repair and when you get to the command prompt type in "chkdsk /r" without the quotes""" when /if asked for password just hit enter .check link below for more instructions on getting to the recover command .