I got a new mp3 player for my birthday (Philips GoGear 8GB SA6185). I installed the software like it told me to do, then plugged in my shiny new toy. Instantly, my computer shut itself down...well, my monitor told me that there was no signal, the fans stopped running, but the power light was still on.

After that it was absolutely impossible to get my computer up and running past the start screen before it did the same thing repeatedly, even after unplugging the mp3 player. I ended up doing a system recover to get it working again.

I've read a lot about possible overheating, but I don't see why my computer would work fine after the system recover, considering it was only minutes after it would have presumably overheated in the first place.

I was toldby Philips Consumer care to try the mp3 player on another computer to see if it broke that one as well. It didn't, but the computer absolutely refuses to read it as a device, despite downloading the drivers and softwar and following the troubleshooter for it.

Is it the mp3 player or is it just possible I have access to two really rubbish computers?

I'd really like to know at least where the fault lies so I can at least know where to go next, if anyone can help me.

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