I am running Vista Home Premium on a Acer 7520 Turion 64x2. At home wired lan connection to a netgear router out of office using a vodafone 3g/UMTS mobile data card.

Lan : Can connect to the internet , can run a number of application (financial market data) that connect with no problems directly to 3rd parties

Dial UP Data Card : Can access the internet via iexplorer, but any application that tries to directly connect to a third party does not work

Have tried unloading 3rd party firewall (fsecure) and windows firewall. No change.

Are there any other security setting that might block 3rd party connections ONLY to a dialup connection.

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Are you using Vodafone software for the 3G data card? As this could well be the root of your problem, especially as most of the software with these cards allows you to configure your usuage so as not to congest the network and cost you to much.

Dazza :cool:


The software is vodafone mobile connect

Are you referring to the optimisation feature ?

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