This is a challenge. My cursor seems to jump all over. When I'm typing in one spot, it jumps to another and continues there. Or, even better yet, if I'm typing an e-mail it will delete it and save it in drafts. This is a brand new Acer 5520. I'm not using an external mouse or anything and will be unhappy if I have to purchase something new for it. One thing it keeps doing is popping up the acer e-net management: internet is disconnected. It should be as I'm using a broadband. I'm 'bout ready to see if it floats or bounces better. HELP!

looks like u could have a conflicting driver or a hardware fault. Have a look in device manager see if there are any ! or ? meaning errors or missing drivers also try updating the driver to the manufactures release not a microsoft one that is the most common cause of hardware not behaving as it should!

THANKS. Unfortunately there wasn't anything with a ! or ?. I find if I type really slow it seems to be okay, but this won't cut it. Could there be something I could change for keyboard speed, like with the cursor/mouse speed?

might be a virus too. but if it's a new PC - why not call the company's techsupport?