intel P4 1.8A ghz/512/400/1.5v with an intel d845WN MoBo, seasonic ss-300agx power supply it has 12v 18a, e-GeForce FX 5200 128MB agp vid card, 768mb DDR ram (512 pc133, 256 pc 133). hd western digital 60 gb (C:) & maxtor 40 gb (D:). DVD rom and 16x DVD burner. rest is built into MoBo (sound, net, USB), windows xp home w/ sp2.

The problem that is occuring is the system starts up and when it gets to the boot stage from the harddrive it restarts. at first i was getting a error saying that there was corrupt file in windows and i have since done a fresh install with a format. now it still is restarting and the second time booting the screne asking to boot into safe mode, network, safe mode with DOS, last know config and start windows normally. i have tried all options and have had the same results with a restart. i have an older P3 system that had the haddrives, dvd drives, ram, vid card and windows that all works with out any problems. this is where i am posting this problem from. is there anthing that i may have over looked or forgoten to do at all? i hope someone can help me with this.

Have you tried the bios option. In bios change setting to default factory settings and then reboot. hope so your problem will be solved

yea ive tried that im afraid. i have been reading a few n saw something about bad boot sectors on the harddrive. how would i check this option out?

To check that without hooking the drive up to another computer, you'd have to be at least able to get to Safe Mode w/ Command Prompt. You could try using a boot CD or the Windows Recovery Console on the XP CD, but that's something to try afterwards. First, let's figure out what the problem is.

Generally, you get an instant reboot when Windows encounters a "stop error" that results in a "BSoD" or "Blue Screen of Death". The thing with XP is that, by default, it automatically restarts the system upon encountering one of these, so you likely never see it, or only see a flash of it before the reboot. Next time, select the option that disables automatic restart (should be one of the last entries before starting normally). Copy the file it relates to (usually all caps, words spaced with underscores) and the first hex code at the bottom of the screen (0x0somenumber). The first hex string is all that's needed. There's usually five total (four in parentheses).

Post those here and we'll see what we can come up with.