Hey everyone, i have asked and searched everyone i know who is a little more computer savy than i am, and still i have no answer to my problem. Here is the problem, over the years i have saved pictures and videos to my computer and on cd's. I bought a flash drive to try and compress all of these files onto the flash drive itself. Some files will move to the flash drive but the majority won't. I know it probably has to do with security settings or something similiar. My attempt here is to ditch all the cd's i have and all the clutter on my computer gone, i want to move all this to my flash drive, so as to free up spaces and time. Why can't i save files to my flash drive?, Why some but not others?, and what can i do?....is it my flash drive?, my setting on my computer?, if so how and where do i fix it?.......thank you for any help anyone could give me


First of all, I wouldn't trust anything I want to keep to one electronic storage unit. If it fails, you lose everything. Keep the CDs - they are more permanent.

Second, data compression often spells trouble. It may want space ON THE DRIVE to run the compression procedure. If so, it may need up to twice the size of the file in free space.

thx midimagic, i will keep the discs....but as far as the reason i cannot save some pics and video files to the flash drive, why is that? Are they protected?, and if so how do i change that to be able to send them to a flash drive? thx for your reply

This is an interesting topic Magic, I am just curious. By chance are you right clicking on a batch of highlighted files? Are they all the same format it... jpeg AIV

Is your flash drive AIV compatible?

Opps sorry for the typo. AVI