Hello Gentleman and Ladies

I have a note book here running XP pro. It wont boot up and as you know you that darn blue screen with the error. I'm at a lose, heres what I have done so far.

Checked ram all ok
In recovery console chkdsk r/ all ok
In recovery console I ran in c:\windows folder c:\system32\config > dir system > It found one file so I copy c:\windows\repair\system the file was replaced.

However it didn't fix the problem

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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I take it that you replaced the config\SYSTEM file with repair\SYSTEM. What about SAM, SECURITY [and SOFTWARE, DEFAULT] files?
If you get it working you next have to get the most recent working registry hive from System Restore files [in System Volume Information]. You cannot just do a sys restore because the hive copied from \repair will not know about any restore points set after the \repair hive was originally saved.


Thanx gerbil. Yeah did all that and I'm in Safe Mode now.


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