I turned my windows pc into a linux box and now i want to put windows back on it. I deleted the partitions with partition majic and formatted with fat32 but when I tried installing the windows OS nothing happened but a grub file showed up in what appeared to be a promt screen. I also tried formatting w/ fat and ntfs and the same things happened. please help I want my computer back.

Thanks so much for your help- i really appreciate it

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Some of Grub's boot info is still living in your Master Boot Record (MBR), although if you have your BIOS set to boot from the CD-ROM before the hard drive this shouldn't be an issue.

1. Go into your BIOS setup and make sure the boot device order has the CD-ROM listed before the hard drive.

2. If necessary, you can restore the MBR by booting into rescue mode from the Windows installation CD and running the following command:



If you have Windows XP, boot from the CD-ROM, as described, and use the partition section of Windows setup to delete all existing partitions and then create new ones in their place. Windows installation will automatically format the system partition for you.

All that partition management software and fdisk is totally unecesssary for wiping the drive and installing Windows fresh.


Windows installation will automatically format the system partition for you.

And should also overwrite the Linux boot code in the MBR, thus getting rid of the Grub screen.

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