My Internet Explorer Version 6.x would not browse properly. When I connect to the internet and launch Internet explorer it starts normally and then when I specify any website it responds by changing the window title and starts accessing it, but then nothing happens. Although, I can see the name of the desired website at the title bar, yet the site doesn't appear, and the progress meter at the bottom just jams and could go like that forever.

And at later times it just works properly with no modification from me at all :eek: !

Please need help :sad:

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Sounds like you may have a hijacker. Check this thread for suggestions on what to do:

Also, use Windows Update to get all the critical updates. If you're still having trouble after 'helping yourself,' get HiJackThis from here:

Put it in a folder like c:\hjt\hijackthis.exe (don't run if from a temporary folder or from the desktop). Close all windows, scan, save the log, and then post the log in the Security forum along with a description of any remaining problems.

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