My name is Josh and my computer has a virus and i would like to reboot it or figure out a way to get rid of the virus once and for all. I purchased my computer in April and i got the virus about a month ago and i would like to reboot my computer. I have windows vista and i don't know how to reboot it. Please leave me an email, thank you

Hi Josh and welcome to Daniweb!

Firstly I would try and remove the virus by using an anti-virus, if you don't already have one you could try Avast! or AVG by Grisoft (both have free versions). But make sure you update them before scanning.

However if you still decide that you wish to restore it; then you'll need to make sure you've got all work / data backed up first. Then restart and press either F8 or F11 (depends on make & model) at boot-up.

Depending on your laptop you'll see either 'windows is loading files' then the Windows Recovery Enviroment, or a list of options and 'Repair your computer' should be near the top - select that - then depending on make and model it'll either be 'destructive recovery' (usually packard bell) or 're-install windows'.

Providing you follow the on screen prompts it's very hard to go wrong; feel free to post with any problems though.

Hope this helps,

Dazza :cool:

I'm Nicole and I would like to reboot my computer because my computer has viruses and whatever I do the viruses are difficult to delete. I need to reboot my computer or find a way to tear down the viruses forever. I need serious advice. write me an email asap please, thank you.::)