My wife in the spirit of being helpful scanned a 1700X2300 picture and attempted to install it as background. She was successful however it was really distorted as it was too large. I attempted to remove it with no success. In fact control panel+display+desktop shows browse grayed out or essentially locked. I went to the web tab attempting to do something and was able to get to my pictures and thought I might substitute another for the too large fuzzy pic. And I did, but I now have at boot the fuzzy pic first then quite a time lapse and then the one I installed. I do not care for backgrounds am only a novice and in answering please take my 76 years into consideration and spell the solution out.
Oh and my wife not thinking deleted the picture so it is nowhere on my HD
I am a retired chef so I am not a complete idiot :(

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>>I am a retired chef so I am not a complete idiot
Since you posted this in the wrong place that statement is debatable :) (from a retired SMSgt).

I'm an ex-army officer, and leery of getting in between two senior NCOs.
I would try System Restore.