I have this pc i dont know what it has but i wanna keep it runing smooth it freeze when i use photoshop.is there away i can see what i have i am a noob at this so if please anyone can get back up to me.

Thanks in Advance

Need some basic info first, like what operating system, how much RAM, and CPU type. If you're using a Windows OS, you can right-click on the My Computer icon, and then click on Properties, to get this information. The CPU will probably be listed as x86 Family... or something like that. If you're using a different OS, you should be able to tell by watching the screen while it's booting up. Also include your hard drive size; to find this, double-click on the same My Computer icon, then right-click on the "C" drive, and then click on Properties. Your hard drive size will be shown as well as the amount of used and free space; post all that info.

Thanks For the Response here is the info hope it helps.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 2002 Service Pack 1
Intel Pentium 111 Processor
501 Mhz
128 Mb of Ram
Hard Drive:Maxtor 6Y080L0
Total Size:76.3GB
Free Space:45.3Gb

Thanks in Advance

Your Photoshop is most likely freezing because you don't have enough RAM; you barely have enough to run Window XP very well! If you're going to use Photoshop on XP, you should add at least another 256MB. Of course, the more you can afford, the better off you'll be (I have 384MB on my computer and have no trouble with Photoshop).

To keep it running smooth, use Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter often about (once a month or so; I also recommend right before and again right after adding any new software), install an AntiVirus program and keep it updated, install Adaware, Spybot, and SpywareBlaster (all free, links can be found within this site or just do a search), and keep them updated as well. Keep XP updated using Windows Update. Open your case and carefully vacuum and/or blow out any dust (frequency depends on how quickly it accumlates dirt -- start with with once a month and adjust accordingly).

And one last, but very important thing, BACKUP all your important data frequently because sooner or later, something WILL go wrong!

Did I miss anything?

I have a another pc but something is wrong with the board or idk but it has a 128ram can i add it to this pc i am using now? or do I need a specific ram ?

That's too hard to say without a lot more info about both systems and their memory. The easist thing to do would be to try it.
First open the case on the computer you wnat to add to and make sure there is an available slot for more memory. If there is not, your only choice is to purchase another stick with a higher capacity. If there is an extra slot, then take the memory out of the other case (use adequate measures to prevent damage from static electricity) and take a stick out of the computer you are going to add it to. Compare the two -- make sure they are the same length and have notches in the same places. If they don't match, it won't work. If they do match, it still may not work, but you can try it. Put both into the computer and start it up. After it boots up, see how much memory it has detected, if it has increased by the amount you added, then you're in luck! If it shows no increase, increases less than the amount you added, if you get an error message about memory, or the computer doesn't boot, then the new stick isn't compatible with your system and needs to be removed.

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