I have windows Vista Home premium (I keep it updated)

I have bought a new laptop (1month back) HP Pavillion DV6701au
AMD turion 64 x2 1.9 GHZ

My problem is that Vista restarts itself abruptly and randomly. I cant seem to find any pattern in the restarting. So I have been unable to pin point the reason behind it.

I also keep speedfan running, so I don't think that heat is the reason.

After restarting when the problem reporting center contacts internet it tells me that windows restarted coz of "NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller" and advises me to update the drivers.

But I have tried doing it and the microsoft site and the update utility tells me that the drivers are latest.

Any idea whats wrong here??

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But I also use the HP auto update feature and it also says that all the drivers are updated.

Rolling back? but wont it install an old driver? I just checked it, that feature/option is disabled


Yes it would have installed an older driver, sometimes newer is not better.(i.e. if it ain't broke, don't fix it)

Are you able to install Service Pack 1 for Vista? Maybe that'll fix it up.

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