Hey guys, I am very new to this forum.
Now I have a problem that I was trying to solve for some months now but couldn't.

One day I tried to open Windows Media Player, and then this window popped up:
ScreenShot 1

Clicking "Yes" directs me to this microsoft website:
ScreenShot 2

But note that at the top it says , Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP.
I didn't think that was a problem, so then I downloaded it, I tried to install it, but the installer told me that I already have a newer version, so installing an older version is not possible, then the installer terminated.

I have no idea how it happened and how I could solve this problem.
If any of you know how to solve this problem, please do post, much appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :]


Just thought while I am at it, I have another problem that has been going on for a looong time, it's my Microsoft Outlook, whenever I click on it, this error message pops up.


Any idea why?


From the first screen shot it looks like you are running Parallels on an OS X Mac. I don't know much about virtual pc software for Mac but if it will allow you to install Service Pack 1 for Vista the media player will be upgraded to version 11.0.6001.7000

Try re-installing Outlook.

Hey thanks a lot for the info, but right after I posted this I updated Windows Service Pack 1 and found out that was the problem; I simply forgot to update D:

Oh and, mine is pure Windows I just have a RK Launcher from Mac OSX Leopard.

Thanks a lot once again.

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