hey, im new to the forum and lookin for some help, sure hope i got the right forum too...

ok. so my computer, it sucked....the only good part about it was the fact that i had 1.5gb memory and a 180gb harddrive. so i decided to get a new motherboard and graphics card, i bought one from a friend since he got new stuff and knew that his old stuff was great. i got the motherboard and graphics card in, all my stuff hooked up and now im having the problem of.

1. i press start
2. it boots
3. it goes to the screen as if the computer just got reset from a storm or somthing, were i can boot safe, normal or w/e
4. i cant boot in normal, the farthest i can go is into my bios, if i try to reboot to my last known time were it worked...the white bar loads all the way up and stops.
5. if i try to boot into safe, i get a bunch of c/windows/......./DRIVERS then thats it, i have to restart...
6. my harddrive is perfect, that i know cause its just switching my harddrive onto a diff board.

i hope ive givin enough info, please help me out here...thanks

when adding a new mommyboard you will need to reinstall windows and all you hardware drivers ,the old winxp install doesn't recognize the new mommyboard because its loaded with the drivers from the old board and looking to boot to it ! so you should remove hdd and copy off all your important data and then format and reload windows xp fresh ,please note ,that you will also loose all software you used and need to reinstall it .