We deleted the domain option on a 4.0 NT workstation. Our problem is we didn't set up a new user to logon without the domain. Does anyone happen to know how we can reset which domain to log into without being logged in?

login as the local administrator

username is administrator, the password should have been set when you installed it

we tried that. we had this machine leased out to ATT and I am guessing they eliminated all the users except those on their domain. We do have one of their logins but we don't see the domain at logon time.

do you have an up to date recovery disk (rdisk)?
try choosing "NT 4.0 Workstation [VGA Mode]" in the bootloader

No rdisk and already tried the vga mode with no success. I even tried a recovery program but wasn't able to make that work either.

got your NT workstation cd?

i think you can get in using the recovery console

it's been years since I've done an NT install. Is that part of the install process?

yeah, i have never done it for workstatation, but in server theres a menu which says something like "hit f1 to learn more about NT, (some other key) to upgrade, C to install or R to repair"

Read that page.

i've been the repair route with no luck. thanks for your effort, I'll keep hoping somebody knows how to change the domain from offline.