I have a problem with my windows system following an migration to a new hard disc. To move the system I cloned the original drive using the acronis software from the seagate site, which seemed to work perfectly.
When I boot the new hard drive I get an initial error which says:

The instruction at "0x7c918ea" referenced at "0x000000d8". The memory could not be "written"

This is followed immediately by another box which says that Generic Host Process for Wiin32 has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Also there is a hardware discovery dialogue that tries to install a driver for a cdrom, which has appeared on bios, but which never shows up in my computer. Also of some concern is a hard drive that is not being seen by the windows system even though it also appears in the bios post display and in the bios setup.

The system as it sits presently has 4 hard drives:
The original pata ide system drive wd 160
A sata in the "sata 1" slot in bios seagate 500 (the new, cloned system disk)
A second sata in the "sata 2" slot seagate 500
A third sata in the "sata 3" slot wd 160

The original 160 was copied on to the sata 1 drive in the cloning operation
I still have original drive so I could just revert back to it but I need to have more space and the wd is out of warranty, and I had a disk error. The error may have been caused my a software problem, but I don’t want to wait and find out that the drive id going bad.

Additionally I have no sound on the computer. I have winamp and of course windows media player and neither will play music. The winamp initially started and flashed and error to the effect that I needed ot update to a current version, and has since quit starting at all
The windows media player opens, but doestn show any content in the window.
Also firefox wont play music form a website although I often did that on the original installation. Itunes likewise is dead and wont open at all.

If I disconnect the pata ide and boot, it posts *much* faster, but then goes to a spash screen with the xp logo and hangs

This is on a windows xp home service pack 1 installation that has been upgrated to service pack 2

i woudl be very greatful for any suggestions


Hey danelb,now thats a mouth full.lol.however it can and will be solved(or at least I'l do my best)

Lets try to isolate the prob by minimizing all your probs to one @ a time.well first off you cant clone rite.I personally prefer using nortons ghost.I also got recent errors but with some great added commands it does the trick.
If you can find a norton ghost and follow these steps(since I'll be able to help you better that way)
->Isolate all the disks except for the source(the one you want to clone from) and the destination disk
->when starting up your machine make sure you detect both disks in BIOS(format and partition the destination disk if it is new)
->Run the Norton Ghost in DOS(I suppose you know if not feel free to ask)
->set the ghost program up (Its very straight forward once the screen comes up)-If you struggle feel free to ask
----If it run succesfull than you have a WINNER,if not-----
use the 'fro' command with the 'ghost'
like:ghost -fro
Use this syntax if your drive screams for bad sectors

if you find the info usefull(or not) do reply-Im working on it

i appreciate your response.

unfortunately i don't have ghost, and i also have a question about whether there is an underlying issue - if so then even if i spend $65 i may still have problems.

why wkoudl it only boot if the old disk is still attached?

Consider the fact that maby the migration wasnt done properly.But first run a disk check if you can.If it doesn't work run do the migration from scratch(I know it sucks).but format the hard drive first,and make sure you get no errors during migration

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