Hi all,
I did an online scan a while back and to try to really identify if I had a problem, I turned off some programs to help with the scan.
I thought I turned them all back on again but now whenever my comp starts up and I log in, a bubble appears on the lower bar saying windows has blocked some programs.
how can i get all programs up and running again OR do away with this bubble once and for all?

Windows is blocking the System Configuration tool(msconfig) from displaying a message on startup. Right click on the popup to show the blocked program and allow it to start. Be sure to put a check in the box to prevent it from happening again.

thanks Laser,
I wonder if that has been the problem with Winamp as well. I mean since I turned off some programs (I didn't think I turned off Winamp .. but maybe I did??) and did that scan, Winamp is forever buffering when I listen to internet radio.
Could the buffering problem be because I turned off Winamp to do the scan but didn't put it back on correctly?

what happens when you click on the bubble? it should let you change the settings if you click on the bublle itself.