When I open outlook express it will usually not be able to obtain the email from my hotmail account. Sometimes it has no problem. It will usually obtain the subject line and sender info but nothing else. It also always doubles each email. So I receive 2 of everything when I do receive email. What can I do? I do run norten. I have a fresh installation of XP on my computer. There is no spyware or viruses in my system at this point that I have detected.
Thank you,

Unfortunately, I too am having trouble with receiving Hotmail on Outlook Express. I don't know why, however, I think I know why you are getting two of every email. In your options there should be something like "Automatically download message when viewing in the Preview Pane". Uncheck it. This should solve the double-email problem. The reason this causes the problem is that Outlook Express is already downloading your emails when you start the program, and when you go into the Preview Pane it starts downloading it again, as dictated by the options I mentioned. So you get two! Hehehe.