I was thinking about upgrading to XP Pro. If I get an upgrade disk can I upgrade it like that from Windows 2000 Pro SP. 4, or do I have to buy the full edition and do a fresh install? If someone could please help me that would be great. Sorry if this already has a thread, but there are so many threads to go through.

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An upgrade would work but sometimes it will give troubles due to the fact it just changes a few files to make the update.

it is always better to do a fresh full install.

Well, I was told that if I buy an upgrade disk that I can do a fresh install, and that it'll ask for my 2000 disk, I put it in, it sees it and tells me to take it out and put the other one in.

An update isn't a fresh install,also if you do update and you put the XP update disc in it isn't gonna ask for the 2000 disc to do the update.who ever told you that doesn't know what there talking about.

Oh.. Okay, well, I found a full edition cheap, around $140 at Tigerdirect.com so I'm just gonna get that. It's an OEM Version, but it's better than buying the other for $290. Thank you for your help.

it has always been said that you can use a xp upgrade disk to do a full install ,and yes all you need to do is put in a legit windows disk either win98 or win2000 will do. during the install ,winxp pro install will ask for you to put in the win98 disk as proof of ownership.

I picked up an OEM full edition of XP Pro today. Thank you all for your help.