I have Windows XP Pro on my home computer, with Office 2003. Recently, the spell check on Word stopped working and the error message "Cannot find proofreading tools for English(US). If you have the proofreading tools, try installing or reinstalling them..." was displayed.

I tried to see if spell check was working on the other Office programs but it gave me another error message. "[Program Name] has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application."

I reinstalled Office, but now all Office programs display the second error message. On another administrator profile, all Office programs run fine.

I don't really want to make another profile for myself, nor do I want to reinstall Windows XP.

Please help, I'm willing to do almost anything to fix it.

When you reinstalled Office, did you do an overlay or did you completely uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall?

I think I did an overlay. How do you uninstall Office?

Unfortunately, I found a couple of resistant viruses so I'm doing a complete wipe this weekend, but I'll try any solution before then just to find a fix for others who have the same problem.

You uninstall Office through Add/Remove programs in the control panel. Good luck with your wipe n' load this weekend!

I have found an alternate solution to the office problem.

1. Create another admin. profile and open all office programs.

2. use regedit and export the Office folder under HKEY_CURRENT_USER (Pathway is HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Office)

3. Log back in to the messed up profile, use regedit again. Import the saved folder (File/Import)

That should fix the problem. If it doesn't, you might want to try a complete reintall of Office as suggested by HoustonIT. If anything is unclear, just post a message and I'll try to explain it better.

Thankfully the wipe and load went well and my comp is up and running again.Thanks for your help HoustonIT.

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