I had a problem with my orinter couldn't print. had to turn the power off and then back on in order to print. then i noticed No Sound!. I didn't move and remove anything -
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)
This code is also showing on my CD/DVD drives properties. and which they aren't working too..

Also in the sound,audio device properties, it says there are no audio device, and i can't seem to setup any volume control, speaker settings and there is nothing on the default device on the audio tag.
I tried to reinstall the sound driver many times but it doesn't work.
Any help or advice would be Great
Save my comp please >.<

do you still have the problem with the printer?

for the cd/dvd drive try to uninstall the driver then reboot the computer and let windows install the driver if that does not work the go here

as far as your sound goes, is it integrated on the motherboard or is it a card installed in a slot.

if its integrated go into CMOS setup on check to see if you can enable the audio from from there.

if its a card pull it out and re-seat it

hope this helps