I wish to use the Windows backup tool to perform a backup of folders on my PC to an external hard drive that is attached to another PC on my home network. I have installed the backup utility on my PC by following the instructions given in the computer's Help files. (Compaq) I have also set up a folder on the external drive that is to hold the backup file. I've shared it out to other users on the network, so that I can sign on to my PC and perform the backup. I can "see" the folder in Network Places from my PC.

Now, when I attempt to do the backup, and click the Start Backup button I get the following error box:
Backup Utility; The backup file name could not be used. "\\Computername\Backup\Backups April\20080419-2-Backup.bkf"; Please ensure it is
a valid path, and that you have sufficient access.

What must I do in order to make this work? Does it have anything to do with how I was signed on when I created the shared folder, or when I tried to perform the backup

try to access the backup folder from the computer you are doing the back up on if access is denied the you dont have the right permissions set on that folder.

I think you might have to ''Take Ownership Of The File'' there is a setting in the security I think where it says somthing with child in, I have only done it once sorry I couldnt be more help :(

if you crat the share on one pc and try to do the back up from another you have to give the second pc access permission to the drive and permission MUST include read/write.

I am giving up on Windows backup tool for now. Will find some other way. Thank you all for your efforts to help.

I like ''Norton Ghost 12'' great for full backup and just document back up


Thanks to all who tried to help me solve this. I finally solved her myself, however. The answer is that I was not using the proper format to refer to the file where I wanted the backup to go. Since it was on a different computer I needed to start with two backslashes followed by the computer name on the network, then the rest. I had tried to use the notation for a file on the same computer.
Thanks, again.