windows xp pro
last thing installed was animation shop transfered from another pc by mem stick
after the installation computer considerably slowed down
and now hours later it's inoperable

currently my computer will boot up, and as soon as i log into windows everything stalls, and i get the blue screen telling of registry error. Everytime i try to boot up my computer it gets slower and slower and stalls twice as fast. OH YEAH, computer has a clicking/knocking noise! It is completely inoperable past the windows log on screen. Should i assume the drive is mechanically fried, or could there be any way i could save my pc?

any advice is valuable?
i have no money for a new drive

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HDD (Hard Disk Drive) knocking is a sure sign that it is fried. What you do is replace the HDD and put this one as a slave. when you install the OS (Operating System) on the new drive the other one might be able to be accessed as a seperated drive so you may save your files. If not there are applications that may be able to save what is on the HDD. Good luck.

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