Hi, I keep geeting this error number when trying to obtain Windows updates.

I have had 4 brand new PC's arrive this week (2 HP & 2 Fujitsu) all 4 have had nothing done to them except started up and attempted to connect to the Windows website.
I have internet access and can view any other webpage except the update page.
It loads up with the security warning, so I accept the ActiveX control then get a pop up saying the following:

Windows has blocked this software because it can't verify the publisher.
Name: wuweb_site.cab?1209624695609
Publisher: Unknown Publisher

When I click on ok to close the box, I then get:

Error number: 0x8DDD004

I have tried this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/193385 , I have reinstalled the Windows Update agent and I even resorted to calling Microsoft. All they did was give me the HP and Fujitsu help desk numbers, I called them and they said call Microsoft!
I then resorted to fixing any corrupted dll's, still no joy.

I'm pulling my hair out!!

That was a close suggestion. Turns out DansGuardian was blocking access to the cab files on our network!

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