I downloaded a program called "Anvil Studio" so I could edit some midi files. I played a midi in it, and strangely, I did not hear any sound. Then I tried playing the fixed song in windows media player, and still did not hear any sound. Then I tried playing a song I hadn't touched with the program. I eventually figured out that I can no longer hear MIDI at all. Please help!

I'm using a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card. All other sound is fine.

I haven't used such a sound card, but here's the general troubleshooting procedure for a problem such as yours:

* Check the Volume control. Ensure on Options->Properties that all devices are being displayed. check to see if a device is Muted. Fix it if that's the explanation.

* Uninstall any driver software from Add/Remove programs and the recently added offending software.

* Locate the soundcard's entrie(s) in Device Manager and remove it.

* Reboot and reinstall soundcard.

* Be more careful about sourcing software from the internet next time ;)