I am not too computer literate so this is a challenege for me! I am having problems with my yahoo email. It has worked fine for years and now it just time-outs and I cannot access my mail.

I have a broadband connection with comcast .
use linux
have windows me

what should I try?

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I just tried that DrTCP and I still ended up "cannot find server" This is only a problem for my yahoo mail. I can access msn and other sites without a problem.

I have an inspiron laptop, but my husband's MAC also won't work.

I have cleaned my temp IE files - the odd thing on my cookies it that it has an index file (DAT) that i cannot delete- is this a problem??

what next?

can someone please help me- I really need to get onto my yahoo today
Thanks for any advice

index.dat files are automatically generated by the system- don't worry about them.

In terms of your mail, since you said that you can't get access your computer or your husbands Mac, it's quite possible that your mail server is experiencing problems. If that's the case, you'll just have to wait until Yahoo sorts it out.

I called the dell IT person and it seems there is some problem with the new yahoo mail. I can access it by going to proxify.com but not by IE or other web browsers. It is funny because it worked for a few days and then suddenly stopped. He is trying to figure out how to fix the problem.

Anyone with any ideas??

No ideas, but I can tell you that I've had no problems at all with my Yahoo accounts since they've made their changes.

Same here... it's worked just fine.

Did you mention that your husband's Mac could not connect as well? That could indicate a problem with the ISP, or with your router...

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