i am windows xp home edition user.after 3 years i meet a serious problems.
when the windows was slow ,i put original recovery cd to new installation.
the bios show 2 options 1)microsoft windows
2)microsoft windows xp home edition
i install the xp twince time on differents versions.
in the first month i has good ,fast experience.
but after the month ,the nightmare began.
once i start the computer,it show the crash(cannot open windows and blackground blue).
i restart the computer and press F8 it show three options:
1)windows xp home edition
2)windows xp home edition
2)windows setup
the microsoft windows has lose.l choose 3 ,after deleted all windows mycomputer was install the new .during copying it cannot copy many file like msv32.dll.i skips many time to complete installation.
i start windows it appear like this application has failed to start becauce msvw32.dll was not found or ndis.exe-bad image.it show manyfile unreadable and bad sector.
how may i fix the problems ?

Sounds like a major mess to me :(

Wait and see what others might suggest, but it sounds like you need to format your hard drive and do a clean install of Win XP.

Did you have a dual boot system? That "Microsoft Windows" you used to have sounds like eg Win98.

A few specs about your PC would be useful. It may be too old/weak to run WinXP.