This is a problem I have seen posted here and on other sites but have never seen a posting that said it was fixed!

Here is the problem: After 5 minutes or so of working normally, IE will no longer display webpages. The seems to be a problem just with the http protocol. And, this problem does not occur when booted in safe mode with networking.

I have tried reseting the winsock catalog (netsh winsock reset ), I have tried resetting tcpip (netsh int ip reset log.txt), I have run antivirus scans and malware scans, and I have tried system restores. In fact, I have tried to so many things I think I have rebooted my computer at least 50 times today!

I know the problem is with my computer as I am able to connect just fine thru other machines located on my home network. This problem just started two days ago and I cannot recall installing any software.

There are several other threads here marked Solved that address the same problem. But none of those marked solved actually give a solution.

Please help, I am at my wit's end.



If someone has any ideas, please share. I just developed the identical problem today!

im not a faan of IE nor a user but have you tried upgrading your IE version.the problem might lie in your registry also so try a registry Mechanic if you didnt try it yet.

I have the same issue and here are my specifics.

Only port 80, on all browsers.
Only one specific profile on the one PC is having the issue.

Same problem here. It's intermittent, but seems worse if I have multiple user sessions or have put it to sleep and then woken it up

port 80? perhaps i am a wrong, but why would the browser want to be using port 80?

if it is indeed using port 80, and persisting, i would suspect some other application has the port reserved. hope that helps...