Numerous problems...

A) I apparently have no active mixers available... it seems like it was only a few short hours ago that i actually had sound....O WAIT! it was!

B) I beleive i got the stupid Win32/Bagel virus that refuses to leave me alone....

C) I can't install any type of antivirus software, if i do, i get a message saying that it isn't a valid Win32 application *is currently relying on online scans at the moment...which is really working for me*

D) (doesnt really belong in this part of forum but w/e) these days when i install a new game, it says that i didnt put the correct CD even though i clearly did

BTW: wiping the computer isn't really an option for me at this time

Any help would be great...preferably within the next hour or so

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ummm.... Problem A has been fixed...all i did was restart comp O_o

BTW: i made a mistake in 1st post: in problem C, i meant to say that it ISNT really working for me...sorry


ummmmm, some help would be great... scince i am unable to download AVG or anything else i can't really do anything about the virus and it's driving me insaneeeeeeeeeee.........

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