For the longest time I have had a GIF file for my desktop. I make them from photos I've taken with my camera. I tried to change over to a new one recently and it kept returning to my current one. I finally got frustrated and deleted all instances of that file and then tried to put the new one up. It shows in the little monitor display when "center" is selected but when you click APPLY or OK it won't show up on the desktop. And now I can't even get the old one to show itself. As a matter of fact I cannot get any type of GIF file to show. I can get a normal JPG to show without a problem, just not a GIF.

What did I do, and how do I undo it.

Running Win XP pro Thanks.


OK, I got it to work. But not the way I use to be able to do it. I had to set it up as a web page. I never had to do this before and I don't like it as much as the way I use to be able to do it by just selecting the GIF in the wallpaper selection. Now I had to go into the Customize Desktop then click the Web tab and select my file by hitting new and browse. Then had to hit synchronize OK OK. It came up and was way off centered. Had me baffled for a while and I tried many things including remaking my GIF file. But I soon found out this is a window and by moving your mouse on the top of the window a window bar showed up. On the left of the bar was an arrow, I clicked on it and some choices came up. I chose cover desktop and I had what I wanted again. A lot more work to get there, but I got there never the less.