I am working on a Vaio PII 450 192mb 40gb Laptop, I have tried installing winxp pro, win2000, win98, but the vidoe does not seem to display correctly, what i mean the graphics are not clean, or crisp it as if the drivers is not enough. The drivers are self installed, i treid different drivers but no go!

also, it has fire wire and i can't find drivers for it...

any help would be greatly appreciated....

I do not have the original cd's that came with this laptop. :rolleyes: :o

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You say you tried different drivers ,so you know what the video chipset is !if not sure get the program and run it ,it will tell you what the graphic chip set is .
WCPUID,when you run it click on the icon in the top tool bar that says chipset info ,

Thx for the tip.... I will get back with the exact specs, however I know it has a neomagic adapter... should've included that in my post...


what i have a neomagic magicmedia 256av
That doesn't like winxp, is there a driver that would work well with this adapter and xp?

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