Unplugged all my puter stuff in a hurry in lightning storm and when I turned it back on got message Windows sytem32 cooonfig system. I know from searching this forum I am suppose to put in the operating system disk that came with the puter, but since I have no such disk what do I do now?

Well.......you need to see if you can at least borrow one so you can get past the error. Otherwise, you will not be able to add whatever missing files you have. That is a start. If you do not have anyone you can borrow from, post back here and let me know, I will look online to see if anything is out there.........good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I am not computer literate enough to know I could use another disk. I thought I might have to have the original. I will find one somewhere. Thanks again.

No problem, and if you do find that you are having trouble getting through the process, let us know.....with so many people browsing this site, someone will guide you through. Depending on the exact issue, your error may be very easy to fix. So, if you do have continued trouble, just post back here, and we will get you taken care of. Have a great day!