Had a scheduled Acronis backup begin when I remembered/noticed that a P2P utility was not shut down so, literally seconds after the backup had begun, I shult down the P2P.
Immediately got a popup from Acronis advising that the backup could not be completed/continued.

Inititated Acronis manually to restart the backup and it advised that the imaging process could not be done because the D: drive (the destination HDD for the backup) was not formatted!!! The popup console/window asked whether I wished to format the D: drive now??

I seem to have lost all the data on the slave drive in a matter of seconds!!! What the hell is going on??

Please offer some counsel or method(s) to resolve this issue, if available!!

Any suggestions/tips etc. will be greatly appreciated!!



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Right-clicked on My Computer/Manage and navigated to Computer Management/Disk Management and found both my Master and Slave showing.

Both show as "Healthy (Active)".

Tried to run error-checking on the D;\/slave but nothing happened!

Now what??


I am having the same (more or less) problem with a couple of drives that actually boot up on my pc .
In device mangler it is recognised but "unknown". I uninstalled them from properties in the manager and am going to restart, I will let you know.


Well that did nothing, I am no worse off but not ahead,I have a good data backup for the one drive, I think I will just let Acronis "add" this drive and reinstall.
Sorry I couldn't help, rik

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