Ok, I was trying to set permissions on an external hard drive because I could not access any of my files and a friend was trying to help and he told me I needed to start my comp up in safe mode. I couldn't remember how so we opened up config.sys and we clicked on a tab and unchecked a box of some kind of boot file and now I got nothing. The computer acts like it is starting but I never get anything on the monitor, it's like it doesn't even get a signal from the comp, and I know the monitor works because I have two comps hooked up to it and the other one comes on. It's like I have power but nothing happens. Can anyone help me please?

why dont you replace the config.sys on your HD by making it the secondary drive in another system

great idea, i will try it and let u know how it works, thanks

ohk,Im sure you know how to do that.

config.sys? In XP?

you put the HD in another computer using its power supply and SATA. on the back of the drive, there is a tab that is set to master. remove it, following the instructions on your hard drive, to 'slave'. then, put it in the other PC and - voila!