Hi...I've recently had many issues with my laptop (Inspirion 1000) but so far it has worked...until this afternoon! It started making strange clicking noises and then it shut off...this happens periodically so i restarted it.
First it turned on like normal and then the black screen came up with the Windows XP logo. Instead of the log in page it switched to a blue screen and gave me a long error message. Something about Windows failing due to posibility of harming the system. It also read: unmountable_boot_volume
It went on to tell me I should restart the computer in safe mode and remove any new hardware I've installed...except I haven't installed or added any new hardware recently. I tried to start it in safe mode and it just did the exact same thing. I also tried to reinstall Windows XP but it didn't install.

I've tried dozens of things but I cannot figure out how to get past the blue screen. Any help?!?

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Sound like you have a project ahead of you. I have many questions for you, but we can work on this a step at a time. When you say you tried re-installing windows....what steps did you take to attempt the re-install? Do you have any funtionality such as accessing safe-mode? Are you able to get into BIOS to change boot sequences? Do you have a back up stored anywhere? Are you prepared to formatt your harddrive if necessary? Do you know how to do a simple repair on your XP OS? This is a start, but you could have many different things happening, and I need to know what you can and cannot do at the moment with your PC! Good luck!

Just a thought to add.....if it is a boot problem, you could might try a FIXMBR (Fix Master Boot Record). Let me know what you think.

good questions...I'll try to explain a little. Basically I wasn't "able" to re-install Windows. I inserted the CD and and rebooted but nothing changed. Same thing happened. I tried pressing F8 and doing the safe-mode but it just went black for about a minute and restarted in the same fashion as before. I heard it clicking around so I know it was trying to read the CD.

I don't exactly know what CMOS mode is...but I think I was in there. As the first screen appears I can choose to push F2 or F12 and I saw something involving boot sequences.

Yes, I have back up (in fact, I backed up again last night, lucky me!) so everything on my hard drive can be erased if needed. I'm prepared to do anything necessary just to get it to start again. Otherwise I'll be stuck in Internet bars for the next 9 days (I'm overseas).

Nope, not a clue how to do a simple repair on XP OS.

I'm gonna go home and read the error message again...then I'll try to give you some more specifics of what it says. Thanks for your help in advance!

I don't exactly know what CMOS mode is...but I think I was in there. As the first screen appears I can choose to push F2 or F12 and I saw something involving boot sequences.

Yeah, sorry I typed the wrong thing...I was in a hurry and I should have typed BIOS (I did edit my post just now). Generally if you start your computer and tap the delete button, this will allow you to access BIOS, and then you can change your boot sequence. Before I suggest anything, what happens when you start your computer with your WINXP disk?

WINXP disk? Sorry...my tech terms are not up to date. :p

I apologize for assuming (tech lingo allows us to sometimes type messages faster!). It is your windows xp installation disk.

Ok..so my friend told me to turn on the computer, insert the WINXP, turn off the computer and restart. She told me it would just run itself...but it hasn't. Nothing changes...the exact same thing happens like when I just start it w/o the disk.

I copied the message on the blue screen...here it is:

"A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


If this is the 1st time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again follow these steps:

Check to make use any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates you might need.

If problem continues, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup options, and then select Safe Mode.

Technical Information:
Stop: 0x000000"ED (0x843A06C8, 0xC000009C, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) "

That all it says and it won't allow me to press any keys after this message.

I just don't know if my computer is so messed up and just can't be fixed. It's possible that the CD drive isn't working properly but I hear it attempting to read the disk. I don't understand why it thinks there is new hardware installed. If you have anymore thoughts let me know...thanks!!!

Hi juniorette
unmountable_BOOT _Volume means
Your Hard Drive might be dead or corupted OS files,but lets determine that its dead, heres how:start laptop-> go into your BIOS(f2 or f12) as you mentioned. go into your first option and see if your laptop detects your hard drive.if you cant see it than your hard drive might be dead.so than its time for the tech guy to install a new one
---You did hear a grinding sound before your laptop died on you the first time right, thats your hard drive---

Thanks sittas87!

I'll try it...for some reason I think your assessment is right...my hard drive is probably dead. I've been having problem after problem with my laptop recently. And, yes, grinding is a perfect definition for what I heard before my computer crashed.

I'll let you know how it goes.

I restarted my laptop...went into F2 and I don't understand what you mean about selecting the first option. Could you help me a little more with specifics so I know what to look for? Thanks!

Does your computer "grind" the whole time you have it on? Do you happen to know what type of harddrive you have?

caperjack, my BIOS is a similar setup to the third option you showed me...but it doesn't have as many options in the Main selection.

No...I haven't heard anymore grinding since it shut down. The grinding I heard didn't last for long either. It was only for maybe 10 secs.
I don't know what harddrive i have...whatever originally came with the model.

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It sounds like your hard drive is failing. Try starting it up and pressing F12. You should get a menu for Hard Drive diagnostics. If you dont have that feature you may try downloading hard drive diagnostic software to test your drive

ohk I think the image in caperjack's link has changed.but by going into your BIOS and scrolling in and out of the options you should see an option that will display the name of oyur cd/dvd drive.together with that should be your Hard Drive if you cant see that than you should consult your IT techy for a closer technical look at your hard drive

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