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I am new to Daniweb and hope I am posting my question in the appropriate category. I am not an IT engineer, but an aeronautical engineer seeking to upgrade my Windows XP Home Edition to Windows XP Pro so I can load and run CATIA V5 (a 3D drafting software).

I've searched on the web to find out the difference between an XP Pro full up version and an XP Pro upgrade and don't underestand the difference to determine which one I need.

I have a HP Pavillion 061 that came preloaded with Windows XP Home Edition, 5.1.2600 service Pack 2 build 2600, system 32 but no software disk.

1) Because I already have Windows XP, do I just need the Windows XP Pro Upgrade or do I need the Windows XP Pro full version? It's a $100 difference.
2) Do I get the service pack 2 or service pack 3?

Also, I read in wikipedia that MS will be terminating retail sales of the Windows XP Service Pack 2 on the 30th of this month.

3) So does that mean that after the end of this month I won't be able to buy Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 or I won't be able to buy any Windows XP Pro?

If anyone can help answer my questions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Kindly yours,

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Hi Marek, welcome to Daniweb.

I would say, for the convenience factor get a retail copy of XP Pro. That way if you have a machine failure, u have a system CD that you can boot from and so on. Actually what you might want to do is call MSFT and ask if the Upgrade CD would give you the same tools (i.e. to repair faults, install Windows components, etc). For the extra money, trust me it's saving urself a lot of hassle in the future.

As for June 30, read here for more info. You will still be able to get copies for months still I suspect. And you can still get loads of support.

And as for SP3, if you're not into experimenting with OSs, then don't worry about that for now, just stick with the SP2 release.

Hope that helps, anything else, feel free to ask.

And as for SP3, if you're not into experimenting with OSs, then don't worry about that for now, just stick with the SP2 release.

Hi and welcome marek
I fully agree with Thinka in what his saying,it'd be wise thinking longterm.What his trying to say with the above quote is,that the same controversy there is between win xp and vista there is with sp2 and sp3

Indeed Sittas, thanks. It's one of the things that Windows users have to get used to isn't it? Talk about, rave and criticise a new release, then wait about 3 - 6 months for it to get reviewed, patched, and re-patched, and then use it when there isn't a lot of choice to do otherwise!


To Thinka,

After I posted my situation and thinking more on it, I came to the same to conclusion as you had suggested. Thank you for your help.


No problem mate, glad to help

hey thinka quick q for you have you heard of the windows darklite?

Nah I haven't. Then again I haven't googled it :-D. Why, SHOULD I know about it?

Just thot, I've heard of Silver Light though (though I haven't tried it out yet), any relation?

nah just asking seeing we were on that topic. it is kinda cool.when you have time yo might wanna give a google:-D.
cheers c you around

You should only need the upgrade version. And, I believe that MS has rescinded on the XP withdrawal at the end of the month. They have caught a lot of flack and I think they have stated that they are not pulling it.

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