I have a problem with my OS. When I log on computer, I received the following error message.

userinit.exe - application error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click on OK to terminate the application.

So I did click. I hear the sound of windows started. But I can't see anything on my destop. Just a blank blue screen. When I tried to pop up task manger (pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del), that does'nt even work. i cannot even run anything from the windows xp cd.

i have another computer connected to this one and that works fine.

i am also having a problem connecting it to the internet. the infected computer is the host, the client computer works fine.
I am using Windows XP professional, SP2.

please please help

Hi Pcfresh here, just new to these forums. A couple of things you could try to resolve this problem: Boot into safe mode(press the F8 key repeatedly while computer is first booting up} use arrow key to select safe mode. You will most likely still get the error message, just click ok till it goes away. If it loads to your desktop do the old Ctrl, Alt, Del trick, if the Task Manager loads go to File, New task(run) and type in explorer.exe. This should get your desktop back. If not then go to File New task(run) type in sfc /scannow, if this works you will be prompted for your XP cd. Let it run through and remove the cd and reboot.
Failing this you may have to reformat and reload.
Hope this helps