sorry i know there is a similar topic about this but my computer never booted so I started my comp in "Last known good configuration" and now some of my files have been erased! My computer looks like it reverted to 2 years ago and some of my newer files are gone..My firefox bookmarks are gone as well!

i really think it did revert my computer because i had a program installed last week that will not work anymore and my hard drive has more space now..omg..and my 10 page report that is lostt!!!! im freakin out right noww...not cool :( :( :(

does anyone know how i can recover my files?? I tried something called "PC Inspector File Recovery" but it had an error..any good file recovery program i can use??? please help! thanx alot

You should be able to re run the System Restore in Safe mode and push it forward rather then back.

LKG is set when you last shut down your system properly ie Windows shut down correctly.So if you had kept your machine running for 2 years then....
Use Sys Restore. Your files are still there, it's just that your sys is too "young" to know about them.

hey guys, thanx for replying!! i don't know if there is a system restore for windows 2000??:?: there is not.